Useless Eaters: Understanding the Socialist Delusion

Submitted by rudy on Tue, 12/22/2020 - 11:37

The question underlying this book is a compound one: why doesn't socialism work? and, given that it rather obviously doesn't, why are believers willing to set aside normal moral and ethical considerations in pursuit of the hope that some current movement leader will miraculously produce a thousand year success?

The short  answer is that socialism's believers, whether menshevik or bolshevik,  are members of a cult that survives despite having all of its beliefs and prophecies falsified by real world experience because membership offers social cachet among the hangers-on and the core ideas as presented by the leadership seem both moral and reasonable.   It's a long story and it comes in many parts - but that's the burden of this book: laying out the facts and layering it on to help you understand the violence and self-harm inherent in the progressive world view and so empower you to help its victims: your family, your community, your country.